Unlike wholesalers, Equalize Ltd does not store goods for resale, we manufacture your bespoke products based on your requirements and use our global sources to fulfill your needs.

China has been exploring and trading overseas since the ming Dynasty
(Early 15th Century), driven by curiosity, and the desire of discovering the best
of what the world has to offer.

Food & Beverages

Nowadays China is the major contributor of the world economy, and it’s 1.6 Billion inhabitant including a growing middle class of 400 Million consumers today, is making China the Biggest importer of Food & Beverage Worldwide, and the most desired market for all global brands. But not all of them manage to seduce an increasingly exigent market.

Consumer Goods

If your business has large scale manufacturing needs, then you should consult EQUALIZE LTD: With over 12 years of constant presence in Asia, it is with confidence that we will guide you to success. We take care of your procurements, whether you are an e-commerce distributor, a hotel chain, a communication agency or in the food industry; we will always bring value to your business

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