5 Tops Rules For Amazon FBA Seller

03-Aug-2022 | admin |

The world of e-commerce has forever changed the way we do business. More and more people are getting into the world of e-commerce, but not everyone is sticking with it.

That’s because while e-commerce is more accessible, it’s also more competitive. You need to master certain elements such as digital visibility, strategy, and logistical capabilities.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows businesses, especially in e-commerce, to expand by accessing Amazon’s logistics network. By far the most advanced businesses ship their inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, which handle receiving, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns on their behalf.

This gives you an edge over the competition and helps you become a master in the e-commerce sector without having to pack and ship a single product yourself.

However, there are certain rules that you need to follow in order to be successful.
Below are some suggestions and methods you should follow if you want to increase your revenue and accelerate your growth by using this service.


1. Reconsider your Product Category

Source niche products with low competition: Browse AliExpress and Amazon, if more than 3 sellers are already selling this product, look for the next opportunity.

Consider not only your sales rank, but also what you earn in return. Products with a high rating are competitive, but sell much faster, which in turn ensures inventory.

Items with a low rating can cause inventory to stagnate and incur a long-term fee. However, since the competition is not that high, you have a chance to become a great seller with these products.

You need to evaluate your alternatives yourself. Just because you think something will sell does not mean it will.

Create demand and regularly track what consumers want and also what they no longer want.


2. Make Use of Internet Analytics Tools

Use web analytics tools to conduct product research on the most lucrative and popular items or products available on Amazon and select the best product categories that sell in a given period.

Keep in mind that the best-sellers are at the top for a reason. You don’t have to sell everything, nor should you.

Remember that Amazon FBA requires money for storage and warehousing. So until you know what’ll sell, it’s best to start with a few items and then gradually offer different products. After 1 year, determine your winners and focus only on those.


3. Create Your Own Brand

Branding your products is the ideal way to stand out from the competition and allow consumers to buy with confidence because they know your brand.

You could just a bunch of stuff out there for sale and hope for the best. But if you are serious about adding value to the industry and building a loyal customer base, you need to brand your products so customers can track you down and avoid similar products but lower quality from other sellers.

It’s important to make sure you are selling high-quality items that come from a reputable manufacturer or distributor.

It’s best to make sure the product has positive reviews to qualify for the Buy Box, while creating brand awareness and maximizing your visibility and therefore sales.

Choose a well-curated selection of products and sell them via FBA to help you learn best practices when you are just starting out.


4. When Possible, Bundle Products

This is a great way for brands and sellers to increase their average ticket sales, stand out in the Amazon FBA marketplace, and get more exposure than their competitors.

One of the most difficult aspects of Amazon is competing with dozens of nearly identical items that may differ by a few reviews or a few dollars in price, but are otherwise indistinguishable.

Create beautifully packaged offers that grab customers’ attention and give them more bang for their buck to stand out: For example, package a mug with a fancy pair of socks and a scarf.

You will need to combine products from different suppliers that are not located In the same city or even country: Paper box supplier in City A + Mug Supplier in City B Scarf Supplier in City or Country C several hundreds of kilometers further… But it is worth the effort especially if it’s outsourced.


5. Partner With a Sourcing Agent

One of the most important steps to becoming a successful Amazon FBA seller is to work with a sourcing agent that has all the tools you need, especially reputable manufacturers, logistics, and quality control.

With Amazon FBA, you do not have to worry about packing and shipping your products, but you also never see your inventory because it goes directly to Amazon’s warehouses.

You can have the best marketing and product listing, but if your inventory suffers from compliance and quality issues. Or if your shipping costs are not optimized, you will most likely go out of business in the first year.
Partnering with a sourcing company in the countries where the products are manufactured allows you to transfer responsibility to another company with much more experience, helping you scale and focus on marketing and product development.

Choosing a qualified sourcing company will help you select the best products at a competitive cost and save you a lot of time, as it will be your single point of contact for dealing with different factories.

Equalize Ltd. is known in the global market for its high standards among extensive importers and distributors, as the company operates in many dynamic regions around the world and has over two decades of experience.

As mentioned earlier, selling products that are not widely available will help you succeed as an FBA seller. For example, at Equalize Ltd. you can sell products that are made from high-quality raw materials from Brazil and assembled in China or vice versa.

What sets Equalize Ltd apart from other suppliers in the market is that they do not stock goods for resale, but create customized goods that can help you stand out from the competition.

Due to their large volume and organizational system, their prices are often lower than most factories without compromising on quality and services, focusing on long-term partnerships.

All of their factories and facilities have globally recognized certifications such as SA 8000, CE, EN, ANVISA, REACH, RoHS, FDA, and FCC. New factories are audited every week to ensure that this quality is maintained. So you do not have to worry about the hard work, they have been doing it consistently for 20 years!



You can get a lot more out of your online sales by using Amazon FBA, but only if you do it right and with profitable items.

With the help of the above tips and tricks, you can manage to become a profitable FBA seller as long as you dedicate yourself to working smart and developing even more products to open up to more markets.

Equalize Ltd. sees it as its mission to contribute to the improvement of international trade by providing its extensive network of suppliers in Asia and Latin America. So feel free to reach out to us and tell us about your projects. We will always make sure to provide you with the best solutions with a focus on very quality at competitive prices

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